The principle of affiliate marketing is simple. You can become an affiliate as well!

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work for an affiliate?

The principle of affiliate marketing is simple. You sign up for an affiliate network, where you get access to affiliate campaigns. These campaigns are created by website and website projects operators and offer affiliates a reward (commission) for visitors or customers (conversions). An overview of current affiliate campaigns and commissions can be found by logging into the affiliate network administration.

How does affiliate work technically?

The affiliate campaigner (client) places a code on their website that record each affiliate visit and conversion. Once an affiliate visitor makes a conversion during a pre-set time (for example, within 30 days), we will credit your affiliate account with a commission.

As an affiliate, you enter an affiliate campaign in the affiliate network, where you get your personal affiliate link that you use to promote the campaign. Through the link we will recognize your visitors and their conversions.

How to make money as publisher through affiliate marketing?


Sign up for Affiliate Club to create your affiliate account. By registration, you will get personal affiliate links to start campaign promotion.


Place links on your website, blog, send them via e-mail and chat, upload them to social networks, news sites or forums. You can also reach new users via paid performance affiliate campaigns, such as AdWords, Sklik or Facebook. Your goal is simple – direct your customer to conversion and get your commission.


For each conversion (e.g. filled inquiry, order) you get a commission that you can clearly see in your earnings statistics after logging into the Affiliate Club. The biggest affiliates earn hundreds of thousands of CZK a month on commission and they work from anywhere in the world via the Internet

How to begin?

1. Join the Affiliate Club – Sign up!

On your Affiliate Club account, you can find an overview of your current affiliate campaigns. As a new affiliate partner, you will receive a 5-week affiliate marketing e-mail course for free, as a gift. You can look forward to articles, tips, recommendations and guides for starting a successful affiliate business.

2. Start working on yourself

Search for quality articles and numbers of affiliate marketing actively. You will soon realize, that there are a lot of solid information out there for free. All our great super-affiliates have gone through the same path, that is right now in front of you.

The Internet is a dynamic industry and by getting up-to-date know-how, you can soon be better than those, who are the best ones in the industry today. We will help you with your beginnings. Is it worth to follow:


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