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How does affiliate marketing work from the client’s perspective?

Affiliate marketing helps to increase e-commerce projects turnover and profit, with measurable costs for these additional sales. As an operator of an e-commerce project, you will create a campaign through an affiliate network, in which you offer affiliate partners a commission for a customer or a carried business of a visitor. The commission always refers to a specific, clearly measurable action, such as sale, demand, new customer registration or unique visit. The commission is set as a fixed amount (200 CZK for sale, demand) as a percentage of the generated sales of goods and services (10 % of the customer’s spend) or as a long-term share of the new customer’s turnover (10 % of all spending).



2 to 20 %
from sale


25 to 50 %
prices from products


80 CZK
for a sold food supplement package

Car insurance

50 to 100 CZK
for demand

SaaS products

10 to 30 %
from each payment of acquired customer

What does a campaign launch include?

Set up and launch of a campaign
Utilizing/renting of a monetization platform for invoicing between you and affiliate partners
Free possibility to participate in cashback portals in the Czech Republic, e.g. and others
Free 90-day course of affiliate marketing for e-shops, where you can get advices and tips for increasing your affiliate channel sales
Including the services of our experienced affiliate manager

Comparison of an affiliate and a classic advertising

Compared to traditional advertising, there is no charge for placing an ad or for impression, but only for bringing a visitor or sale realization. Affiliate marketing is more profitable and efficient for e-commerce projects than traditional advertising forms, such as print or banner campaigns.

For success in affiliate marketing, it is crucial, to set up a win-win model of cooperation with affiliate partners. Proper introduction of a product or service, building relationships with affiliate partners and providing them with sufficient support for effective campaign promotion and targeting, that increases the likelihood of getting new customers and creating a reciprocal profitable relationship are essentials.